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Teaching Beginner Strings Made Easy

Are you looking for a method that is quick, effective, and easy?  Is it time you learned how to play that violin, viola, cello or double bass so you can actually teach it properly?

Have fun learning to master a secondary instrument while learning my methodology that makes teaching strings so simple and clear, even a non-string player can do it with confidence!  You will learn everything you need to know in order to teach beginner strings in a matter of weeks.



Maintenance and Repair Skills Every String Teacher Should Have

Learn everything a teacher should know about stringed instrument maintenance including the inner parts of the instrument, simple repairs and troubleshooting that you can do yourself, and when to leave repairs up to a professional. You will also overcome any fears you might have by taking apart a violin and practicing how to put it back together!





Celtic Fiddle For String Teachers!

Always wanted to teach fiddle music to your class?  Come learn the fundamentals of playing in two different styles of Celtic music so you can teach fiddle with confidence.  You will also learn how teaching fiddle tunes can be a vehicle for learning an endless number of musical skills not easily taught through conventional sheet music.