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Demystifying Bowing


Wednesday, November 24th at 8:00pm ET


There are so many things the bow can do, which means that there are so many different aspects of bowing to teach and be aware of.

For example, where in the bow should I play? How much bow should I use? How much pressure? How fast or slow? Up-bow or down-bow?

If you aren’t a string player, it can be overwhelming. If you are a string player, it can still be overwhelming.

Bring your instrument and I will show you everything that you need to know to teach string students the bowing basics and beyond!



Easily Fix the 12 Most Common String-Playing Problems


Are you trying to solve technique problems with games and methods that don’t work?  If you aren’t having much success, chances are you aren’t addressing the real problem.

Bring your pencil and come learn the solutions that every string teacher should know!


Beginner String Technique Made Easy!


Do you spend every fall ever-so-slowly setting up your students to play properly?

Do you not have a step-by-step method for introducing bow hold and left hand that works quickly, consistently and successfully?

Do you worry as your students wait in boredom for their turn as you are fixing too many hands and then… the bell rings?

Learn my quick and easy way to get beginners off to the right start and prevent common problems.  You don’t need an instrument.  You don’t need to know how to play.  Just bring a nice long pencil and come and have some fun!


Secondary Instrument Clinics


Are you struggling with playing a secondary instrument? Are there aspects of string technique that challenge you? Perhaps you are a non-strings major teaching strings? Bring your instrument and I will do some hands-on troubleshooting, as well as answer all your questions!

This clinic is intended for those who already have some basic playing skills.


Stop Saying High 2 and Low 2


Are you teaching fingering all wrong?

Would you like to be able to easily teach your students to play in any key?

Would you like help your students learn to visualize the fingerboard so they can easily learn to shift and do position work on their own?

Bring a secondary instrument and I will show you my six finger patterns every string student should know, and how to use my very simple scale system.


Celtic Fiddle Masterclass


Have you always wanted to play Celtic fiddle?  Maybe you have even wanted to teach fiddle music to your class?

Come and I will show you how to ornament a beautiful slow air.  I’ll also show you how to not sound like a classical musician!

Join me and start your lifelong addiction to Celtic music!