A New Pedagogy for the String Classroom….

It is time for a new string pedagogy; one that addresses the challenges and realities of a heterogeneous string classroom.

To me, a successful pedagogy for the string classroom needs strategies that fulfill three criteria.  They must be:

1. Simple and quick.

Your classroom is full of students of different skill levels and learning abilities. My strategies are simple and quick to deliver so that you don’t lose your students’ attention and so you keep them engaged. You will also be more likely to venture into more advanced skills if you can teach them quickly and easily.

2. Immediately successful.

When introducing something new, you need strategies that achieve success immediately so that students can master skills quickly. My methodology makes string-playing look easy and avoids many of the frustrations that usually come with playing a stringed instrument.

3. Promote student independence.

Helping students understand the fundamentals of what they are doing gives them the ability to take the next steps on their own.  My methodology and books have been created to promote your students’ independence, freeing you to easily explore more advanced concepts, and accelerate the pace at which you and your students can progress together.  

Finally, the bottom line is, with the challenges of classroom teaching, teachers need a method that helps them achieve more in less time.  That is what motivated me to develop this exciting new pedagogy for the string classroom.  I hope that it helps you achieve more with your students, as it has for others.