Take the

Smart String Teacher Foundation

The summer self-study version of my training.

Would you like to:

Fill in the gaps in your string teaching skills?

Learn to play those instruments you don’t play yet?

Learn how to make amazing progress with your students?

And do it when it’s convenient for you?

Have you been wanting to take my training but

haven’t been able to take it live?

Take my hybrid self-study training this summer!

Why take the SST Foundation?

It’s flexible and fits your busy summer schedule.

It’s the next best option if you can’t take Teaching Strings Made Easy this summer.

Get a solid foundation in my simple step-by-step method – in your own time.

Go back to school ready to achieve amazing results with your students.

You will also get support from me in THREE ways:

You aren’t left to go through the material on your own.

I will support you in three different ways:

1. Weekly drop-ins on Zoom throughout the summer!

Come to get hands-on support with whatever you are working on.

Observe and get valuable hands-on experience helping each other.

Will be scheduled at varying times to cater to different time zones.

2. Asynchronous support in our private FB group.

Post your written and playing assignments and get feedback from me and each other.

3. Up to 2 private sessions with me, if needed.

For those who have difficulty making it to the weekly drop-ins.

You have up to 2 private sessions to use (30 minutes each).

Available to you until the end of the summer.

Foundation Content

As in Teaching Strings Made Easy, the SST Foundation will:

1. Help you master one or more instruments that you don’t play.

2. Train you in my simple, quick and effective step-by-step method for teaching strings.

3. Help you become skilled at troubleshooting and fixing your students’ technique problems.

The Foundation covers about 80% of the content of Teaching Strings Made Easy.

You will learn everything you need to know to confidently perform a Bach Minuet by the end and to help your students achieve the same.

Glance at the Modules:

Module 0 – Pre-Instrument Essentials

Module 1 – How to Teach Beginner Technique Faster

Module 2 – Bow Hold on the Bow

Module 3 – Violin & Viola Instrument Hold

Module 4 – Cello & Bass Instrument Hold

Module 5 – Plucking Scales and Songs

Module 6 – Putting the Bow to the String

Module 7 – Music Reading & Essential Bowing Skills

Module 8 – Teaching by Finger Pattern

Module 9 – Pizzicato, Dynamics and the 4th Note on the String

Module 10 – Final Solo Performance

See What Teachers Have Been Getting From My Training:

See Teaching Strings Made Easy to find out more about what my training looks like.

What’s included in

The Smart String Teacher Foundation?

  • 10-Module self-study course.
  • Automatic quizzes to review and reinforce main concepts
  • Short, practical written assignments.
  • Playing assignments with personal feedback from me and from your colleagues.
  • Access to the course until December 31st, 2024.

You’ll also get….

  • A step-by-step checklist to help you with lesson-planning.
  • Essential handouts and teaching resources.
  • Access to the SST Private Facebook group community.

After the course you will get….

  • SST Certificate of Completion (with PD hours).
  • 1 month free in the Smart String Teacher Academy to further your skills.

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Smart String Teacher Foundation


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