Fix Your Thumbs Week!

It’s the New Year — the perfect time to have your students focus on establishing better habits! Last year, I posted a bunch tips on how to achieve that with your students, starting with the 5 Secrets to Replacing Bad … Read More

Highlights from the Midwest Clinic 2023!

This was my second year exhibiting at the Midwest Clinic, and the second year that I sponsored my favourite event, their pre-conference workshop for our important and essential, non-string players teaching strings. It’s always a treat to see these teachers … Read More

Thanking Vocal Teachers Teaching Orchestra!

An interview with Jennifer Stampfl for NSPTO Month 2023! Today’s conversation is with Jennifer Stampfl, a vocal major in her first year of teaching middle school orchestra in Pomona, California. Jennifer, what did you study in college and what was … Read More

Thank a Band Teacher Teaching Orchestra!

An interview with Andrew Brown for NSPTO Month 2023! Today, we will be talking with Andrew Brown, a band teacher from Markham, Ontario in Canada, who recently started an orchestra program at his junior high and high school. What was … Read More

Thank a Non-String Player Teaching Orchestra Today!

Non-String Player Teaching Orchestra Appreciation Month! I would like to do something special today. I would like to declare April 2023 as the very first SST Non-String Players Teaching Orchestra Appreciation Month! Let’s celebrate our BTTOs (Band Teachers Teaching Orchestra), … Read More

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