Fix Your Thumbs Week!

It’s the New Year — the perfect time to have your students focus on establishing better habits!

Last year, I posted a bunch tips on how to achieve that with your students, starting with the 5 Secrets to Replacing Bad Habits With Good Ones. This year, let’s look into some specific problems you might want to address.

Something that I find can work well is, rather than just having each student working on improving a different technique that might be challenging them, have a theme of the week to review with the whole class as well.

When I started doing this, it not only helped my students, it helped me focus better as a teacher. Trust me, there’s always so much going on in a string classroom and so many aspects of technique that I want to tackle at the same time, focussing can be super challenging for me, almost as challenging as trying to stay focussed when I’m on my phone!

Anyhow, having a theme of the week is an easy thing to do and you can schedule 5 minutes or so at the beginning of each class on it. Often my theme of the ‘week’ lasts longer than a week if I feel they need more attention. This little dedication in time often pays back in great results, especially if you follow my tips from last year.

Probably one of the first things you’ll want to tackle is everyone’s bow hold thumb. To help you, you might want to use my FREE Check Your Thumb Posters if you don’t have them already. You’ll also learn The Secret to Perfect Bow Hold Thumbs! (If you’re already a subscriber, remember to use your password to download.)

Knowing how to fix bow hold thumbs quickly and and effectively can save you a lot of time and effort, and have your students progressing faster. Hope this helped!

Stay tuned for the next theme of the week.

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