Teaching Strings Made Easy

Let me help you become that awesome string teacher you want to be! Whether you are a string player or not, take my training and you will learn my simple, fast and effective pedagogy for the string classroom.

Smart String Teacher Foundation

You can now take my training at your own pace and schedule. You’ll learn how much easier it can be to teach strings through this self-study course. Includes Zoom drop-ins for hands-on help.

Maintenance and Repair Skills Every String Teacher Should Have

Maintenance & Repair Skills Every String Teacher Should Have! Not sure how to maintain your instruments? Afraid you might break something? Want to be able to do some repairs yourself? Take this 3-hour hands-on workshop and learn everything you need … Read More

Book Professional Development

Are you looking for professional development for the string teachers in your area? Book me and I will show your teachers simple strategies to help make teaching strings faster, easier and more effective.

Professional Mentoring

Whether you are a new or experienced string teacher, hiring me as your professional mentor will save you time, struggle and anxiety, and take you to the next level in your teaching effectiveness.

Free Masterclasses!

Participate in as many masterclasses as you like, no strings attached! All masterclasses are hands-on classes. Please come prepared to participate and have fun!   Subscribe to my emails to find out about the next event!   Drop-in Clinics   … Read More