Grace Law

Director of String Pedagogy


My name is Grace Law and I have an obsession with simplifying challenging concepts.  It keeps me up at night and makes me excited to see my students every day so I can discover something new.  In fact, every day that I get up in front of my students I ask myself, “How can I make this easier today?”  And when I achieve the elusive ‘aha’ moment and get instant results from my students, I know I have to add it to my ever-growing library of strategies to share with you.

Despite having taken string pedagogy in university, I know that many teachers still step into the classroom feeling unprepared to teach strings, just as I did when I first began. But why?  More than likely it is because, due to whatever challenges they face, many undergrad programs don’t sufficiently prepare you for the realities of teaching strings in the classroom.  I am setting out to fill this need.

It is my belief that strings can be made easy to teach, and that every string teacher should have access to an effective pedagogy that meets the needs of teaching in heterogeneous string classrooms.  I have made it my mission to provide teachers with a clear sequential methodology that can help them achieve more in less time, and make a dramatic difference for their students.  These strategies are simple and work well no matter if you are teaching under ideal conditions or in crowded classrooms with less than an hour to accomplish something in.

I have been sharing my methodology and many ideas with teachers around the world through my books, courses and blog with great success.  I hope that my resources will help you to teach strings with more confidence and ease, and I look forward to working with you someday soon.



Grace Law has a music and a teaching degree from the University of Toronto.  She has 30 years of private and classroom teaching experience and currently teaches high school string orchestra in Toronto. She also lived and breathed ten years of Celtic music in the Canadian Maritimes, and spent many years watching her partner build and repair violins and guitars.