All publications are digital PDF downloads.  You will be asked to agree to the following before purchasing:


General Agreements

  • All my publications copyrighted by Grace Law.
  • All publications with licenses allow you limited rights according to the descriptions below.
  • Digital and electronic reproduction and sharing of publications is NOT permitted, except as described for Schools/Groups.
  • Physical or digital copies of documents may not be resold.
  • You must enter the name of the license holder upon checkout, as described below.
  • Your document will be stamped with the name of the license holder at the bottom of each page as follows:

“Permission is granted to [NAME OF LICENSEE] for limited reproduction according to the Copyright Agreement.”

  • All publications are sold with the agreement that ‘limited reproduction’ is defined below according to the license purchased.
  • This agreement may be subject to modification and may be updated at any time.


Student/Individual licenses

  • To validate the license, Student/Individual copies must be stamped with the first and last name of an individual only, not the name of a school/group.
  • One physical copy of books may be made for one person only, and the members of the person’s immediate family.
  • Physical copies of worksheets may be made as needed for one person and the members of their immediate family.
  • Digital and electronic reproduction and sharing of documents with others is NOT permitted.


School/Group licenses

  • School/Group licenses are intended to be purchased by ONE school or other facility or organization.
  • School/Group licenses must be stamped with the name of a school or group and may only be used by the school or group indicated.
  • In the case where students are normally required to purchase their own books that they keep, they should purchase their own Student/Individual license.
  • Digital and electronic reproduction and sharing of documents with others outside of the licensed School/Group is NOT permitted.
  • Physical copies:
    • School/Group licenses are limited to printing enough physical copies of the document only for the students of that facility or group.
    • Each physical copy is the property of the School/Group.
    • As with any other textbook, physical copies of books must be returned to the School/Group at the completion of each course/session.
    • Students may not keep physical copies of books after the completion of the course/session.  They are the property of the School/Group
    • Physical copies of written worksheets may be made as needed for the students of a School/Group and do not need to be returned.
  • Digital sharing:
    • Schools/Groups MAY NOT share entire documents digitally with students, except in the case of worksheets or shorter documents.
    • Schools/Groups DO HAVE PERMISSION to share screenshots of individual pages of books or worksheets in order to deliver content online.
    • Screenshots must be of the entire page, including the copyright information and name of the licensee.
    • The digital sharing of individual pages or worksheets must occur within enclosed online learning portals, and not through public means such as email or public file-sharing services.
  • Upon the event that the teacher with access to the document(s) is no longer at the licensed School/Group, please contact me to transfer access to another individual.



  • Poster licenses are for a reasonable number of physical copies to be used by one individual or one school/group facility only.
  • Digital and electronic reproduction and sharing of posters with others is NOT permitted.


Thank you for supporting my work by observing this agreement.


Purchasing Details

  • Downloads and payment are processed by SendOwl.
  • You will be allowed up to 5 attempts to download your document.
  • All updates are free and included with your license.
  • You will be notified by SendOwl of any updates, unless you opt out of those emails.
  • Updates may include corrections, modifications, the addition of new material, etc.
  • If you make any errors in your license or purchase, feel free to contact me for assistance.
  • To access your previous purchases, use the link in the footer of this website.


Which type of license should I buy?

  • Student/Individual license – If you are a student or buying a copy only for yourself, this is the right choice for you.
  • School/Group license – If you are making copies for the students of a school or other program or performing group, you should choose this option.  Examples would be traditional in-school programs, after school programs, student orchestras, etc.

What if I am a teacher and want to buy a copy to sample first?

  • Please purchase an individual copy under your own name.
  • If you decide to purchase a School/Group license, contact me, and I will deduct what you already paid towards the School/Group license.

What if I change schools?

  • School/Group licenses remain with the school and access may be transferred to the next teacher.  Please contact me to do so.
  • Please have your new school purchase their own license.