Smart Bow Hold & Left Hand Handouts

Teach bow hold and left hand technique in just 5 easy lessons!

The FASTEST way to get your students playing!

Does it take you forever to set up your students to play properly?

Do you get inconsistent results because your method is hit or miss?

Worried that your students will lose interest before they even get to play?

Starting students on stringed instruments can be a time-consuming task.  But, there is a better way!

Using these handouts is the fastest way to get a classroom full of string students started properly and playing sooner!

  • Broken down into 5 easy lessons, these handouts highlight simple but important key steps essential to success. 
  • They will help you get your entire class learning bow hold or left hand correctly in just minutes. 
  • Your students may even be able to follow the steps themselves without your instruction!

Now updated with 30 pages of even clearer instructions, and new lessons for the German bass bow!

Let me show you how they work!

Successfully used by hundreds of happy teachers and students, these handouts will help you:

Teach bow hold and left hand faster and with less effort.

Achieve more successful bow holds and left hands, resulting in less time wasted correcting technique.

Keep your students engaged and get them playing successfully sooner!

See what these teachers have to say!

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Smart Bow Hold & Left Hand Handouts

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Teach bow hold and left hand in just minutes!

Every year I look forward to starting a new batch of students because I just can’t wait to use these handouts!  The work so well and so quickly, they make me feel like an awesome teacher.  What better way to start the year?

What makes teaching bow hold and left hand so time consuming?

Up until now, you may have struggled with the same issues I did before using these handouts, including:

  • Students not being able to clearly see your demonstrations at the front of the class.
  • Diagrams in method books not being clear or specific enough.
  • Wasting time replaying videos for the class.

Most importantly, no matter what method I tried, I always ended up with too many hands to fix, which took up a lot of my time.  And of course, this makes the beginning stages of your class really boring for your students.

Achieve more in less time with these smart handouts!

It is my mission to make teaching strings as easy as possible, and these amazingly simple and clear handouts will do just that!  In fact, the first time I used them, I was shocked at how quickly they worked.  Never had I ever taught bow hold and left hand technique so quickly and easily.  Each lesson literally only took 5 minutes!

On top of that, I found myself with far fewer hands to correct, which saved me so much time!

Why do they work so well?

1. The pictures don’t move.  This is key to efficiency.  Students can take their time to compare what they are doing with the pictures, making sure they have done each step correctly before moving on.  It allows each student to proceed at their own pace.  This can’t be accomplished with a moving demonstration or video.  It also frees you up to walk around and tweak each students’ technique.

2. They include very specific steps that are essential to success.  Tested on hundreds of students, these steps work so well, it will drastically reduce the number of bow hold or left hand problems you have to correct.  This will free you up to progress through the beginning stages faster than you have in the past.

3. Students can take the handouts home for review.  Teachers love that all they have to do is give students a simple handout.  No video set-up required.  No worrying about whether they can or will watch a video at home..  You can be confident that students will be able to go home remembering what they need to do, and will come back next class with great bow holds and left hands!

Correct technique easily.

Having the handouts also makes it easy to correct technique.  Teachers find it helpful to refer back to the pictures or terminology for missing or incorrect steps, and they like that they are a great reference for parents to help their children at home.  The handouts are also great for review or remedial work with students who already play, especially if you take them right back to the pencil exercises.

And don’t forget the bow!

Another time-consuming task is having to teach students how to tighten and loosen their bows. So, included in the handouts is a lesson on the care of the bow, rosining the bow, and how to tighten and loosen the bow, complete with pictures to help students do it properly.  Teaching students how to tighten and loosen the bow will be easier than ever, again saving you time and effort!  You can even get these Check Your Bow Posters to use in your classroom!

Ready to save time and energy this fall?

Now, that’s a lot of time you are going to save!  Are you ready for more successful bow holds, left hands and properly tightened and loosened bows than you’ve ever had before?  Get your handouts now!