Elsie Lo

It was wonderful to listen how Grace plays Celtic style music using an easy tune. She demonstrated first and gave feedback on how you can improve. Besides, I also got chance to listen to other people‚Äôs interpretations of the same … Read More

Tom McInnis

Thank you for offering this masterclass, Grace! I am beginner fiddler and very much enjoyed the literature and techniques taught in this session. You did a great job managing all of us in the group lesson and got the most … Read More

Isaiah C. Mason

Before Grace’s masterclass, I just taught fingerings and used low/regular fingerings. Thinking about fingerings in terms of finger patterns will make them much easier to teach. Having a consistent language will also be helpful for the students. I feel that … Read More

Mahendra Morales

Beginner set up tends to be overlooked because time is not always on our side and the concert has to be perfect! I now have the proper vocabulary and techniques to demonstrate what I want from the students. I feel … Read More