Cindy Bryan

Chesapeake, US | Private teacher |

I love Smart Scales! I have been a private teacher for over 30 years and have found most scale systems to be visually overwhelming for my students. Many are written in small fonts, or in octaves, and with generally too much on the page. This makes scales intimidating and hard for young students to read. I love that Smart Scales focuses on just one scale per page, with the option of playing one or two octaves, or both, depending on the level of the student. Also, for those who need the visual aid of the fingerboard geography, there are great diagrams. I also like that students learn all 3 forms of minor and not just melodic. In addition, there are optional fingerings provided, and since scales are not close together, there is room to write in other fingerings at the teacher’s discretion. Smart Scales is the best scale system out there for beginning and intermediate students!!