Teaching Beginner Strings Made Easy

Invest in your career and the success of your students.

Stop struggling to be an amazing string teacher.

Do you spend hours researching videos and articles and asking colleagues to find the answers to your problems?


Have you invested in conferences and workshops, only to come out with bits and pieces of ideas that you don’t incorporate into your classroom?


Is spending money on months of lessons with a private teacher your only option for learning to play a secondary instrument?


Or perhaps you are a non-string player unexpectedly teaching strings, or wanting to add strings to your qualifications?

Invest in my course,

Teaching Beginner Strings Made Easy.

In just weeks, and less than the cost of 10 private lessons, you will learn everything you need to teach the first year of beginner strings and more.

I believe string teacher training should help you achieve three main goals….”


Help you master a stringed instrument.

Teachers shouldn’t be left feeling insecure about teaching instruments they don’t play. Knowing how to play is fundamental to your ability to teach them.

My methodology is so simple and quick, you will learn to master beginner technique on a secondary instrument in a matter of weeks. You will also be armed with the knowledge to easily master the other instruments as well.


Help train you to be skilled at troubleshooting.

Troubleshooting and addressing problems with technique is a significant part of your job. Playing a stringed instrument is complex, and there are many things that can go wrong. Training you confidently recognize and fix problems with technique is an integral part of my teacher training.


Promote your growth and independence.

Finally, string teachers come from many different backgrounds and experience playing and teaching strings. With my clear and simple step-by-step methodology, you will gain an in-depth understanding the fundamentals of teaching strings, even if you are a non-string player. It will give you the tools and confidence you need to take your students successfully in any direction you want.

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Teaching Beginner Strings Made Easy


What’s included in your course….

  • SST Certificate of Completion and P.D. Certificate.
  • One year access to all class videos so you can review what you want when you need it.
  • Small class sizes to ensure individual attention.
  • Access to the SST Graduates closed Facebook group.

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Course Content:


  • How to set up my instruments.
  • How to set up my classroom
  • Tips for choosing instruments for my students.

Bow Hold

  • How to teach the perfect bow hold in 5 minutes.
  • Keys to establishing proper bowing technique.
  • Troubleshooting common bow hold and bowing problems.

Instrument Hold

  • How to teach the perfect instrument hold in 5 minutes.
  • Keys to establishing proper left hand technique
  • Troubleshooting common instrument hold problems.


  • Putting the bow to the string.
  • Playing their first notes.
  • Teaching tunes by ear.


  • How can I spot and fix common playing problems?
  • Recognizing which problems are symptoms of other underlying causes.
  • Anticipating problems and being pro-active about preventing them.

Introducing Music Reading

  • What method books should I use?
  • When is the best time to introduce note-reading?
  • How do I reinforce or make note-reading easier?

Introduction to Finger Patterns

  • Six easy finger patterns every string student should know
  • How do I make playing scales and in different key signatures really easy!
  • How to introduce the 4th finger on violin and viola.

Double Bass Tips

  • How do I choose my double bass players?
  • How can I be pro-active with double basses?
  • When and how to introduce shifting to double basses.

Shifting and Playing 2-Octave Scales

  • How to teach scales easily.
  • How to easily introduce shifting for the first time.
  • How to help students read fingering charts.

Introducing intonation

  • How to teach students to listen for and adjust their intonation successfully in just one lesson!
  • What do my students need to understand in order to play in tune?
  • How do I help students listen to themselves?

Teaching Musicality

  • How do I get beginners to sound really good, easily?
  • How do I teach dynamics effectively?
  • How do I easily teach bowing technique and articulation?

Teaching Students to Think Smarter

  • How do I teach in a way that makes my students independent thinkers?
  • How do I teach in a natural sequence that promotes a deep understanding of the fundamentals?
  • How do I harness the students’ abilities to help each other?

How to Practice Effectively on Stringed Instruments

  • Understanding the role of muscle memory.
  • How to practice successfully by mastering one element at a time.
  • What is the proper mindset when practicing a stringed instrument?

Bonus Lesson

  • How to teach vibrato in 5 minutes!

Reviews from happy graduates….

This course was one of the best Professional Development classes I have ever taken. Grace Law’s teaching style, along with her wealth of knowledge and outstanding pedagogical structure made for an incredible course. Every lesson was packed with easy to understand and teach methods for building your beginning string players’ skills. I can’t believe that I am playing the violin in third position and having some success with vibrato.

I have played the string bass semi-professionally for many years and for the past six years I have been a High School Orchestra Director and music teacher. As a director, I have been able to help my bass players with technical issues but I had to rely on my advanced students to provide technical assistance on the other string instruments.

I was recently notified that, along with my other duties, I will be teaching beginning strings this fall. When I received this news, I was petrified and I began searching for resources to help prepare me for this daunting challenge. I was incredibly lucky to find Grace Law’s free online Masterclass. I got so much helpful information from that session that I decided to register for the full Teaching Beginning Strings Made Easy course.

I learned many things that will help me become a more effective director for my high school and middle school orchestras. I can honestly say that before I took the Teaching Beginning Strings Made Easy course I was terrified to teach the beginner string classes. Now I can’t wait to start teaching this fall!

– Gregory Tarbox, Orchestra and String Specialist, Pembroke Public Schools – Pembroke MA

Take the course! For the non-string specialist, it will make you more marketable if you are searching for a job, because you will have the flexibility to take a variety of different music positions. After only ten class sessions, you will have the tools to set a good foundation for your string students, and you will be a more confident and effective teacher as a result.

As a wind player, I felt like I didn’t have a strong enough foundation to properly serve my string students. This course provided a very practical approach for non-string playing musicians wishing to teach string students in an organized and sequential manner.

Each class covered so much more than my string pedagogy course in college, and my playing improved quite a bit as a result! After only ten classes, I feel confident diving into teaching a group of beginning string students! If put in the position of teaching strings again, I will have a much more pedagogically sound and organized approach and I have the tools to be an effective teacher and to serve my students well.

I learned so much!

– Maureen Isbister, Band Teacher – NY

I teach middle school and high school beginners to advanced strings. I’m always looking for easier ways to present technique, and I find Grace’s system is better organized than others I have looked at. Her masterclass was a great overview and I registered for the full program so that I can learn more. After taking this class, I feel my class will have a better flow, and it will be easier for the kids to grasp concepts.

I have already recommended this program to others because I believe it’s well presented, straight to the point and coming from a great experienced teacher, which I value more than many books on the subject.

– Giovanni Bobisse – Italy

As a non-string player I’ve always had a preconceived notion that one cannot teach strings if one didn’t begin private lessons at a young age. The TBSME course changed my perception of strings teaching and boosted both my confidence and playing skill in just a few short weeks.

Grace’s course is highly beneficial for novice or non-strings teachers as it uncovers many common mistakes that they might make due to lack of experience in teaching and handling the instruments. The course provides insight into the many details that come with the construction of the instruments and the techniques involved in playing them.

– Lindsey Wen, High School Music Teacher – GTA

I would recommend TBSME to any music teacher who is teaching beginner strings. Whether you are a string player or non-string player, you can learn practical teaching strategies that will help you better address the common difficulties beginners experience.

I am a secondary music teacher with a band background who has taught strings for the past two years. My limited playing experience before the course meant that I was only able to provide students with advice that was informed by second-hand observations and pedagogical readings. I lacked the practical insight needed to address common difficulties beginners experience.

I came away from the course with a much better understanding of bow grip, hand position, and posture, and a set of teaching strategies that I can use to help students. The format of the course allowed me to ask questions about specific string techniques and get practical solutions to the common difficulties students experience.

I feel more confident in my ability to demonstrate playing techniques for students and to provide meaningful feedback. I am excited to see how it impacts the bow grips and hand positions of this year’s beginners!

– Michael Jameer, Secondary Music Teacher – Toronto

Grace’s Smart String Teacher method is an organized and clear system that makes sense. Before Grace’s course I was having a hard time transferring my knowledge as a violinist to a beginner level explanation, without overwhelming the students with information. Grace has a clear and very natural manner of relaying information and teaching.

I loved that we actually learned by playing secondary instruments instead of just listening to someone lecture. After this course I think there will be much less frustration for both students and teachers. I absolutely recommend this course to other string teachers. It was the best investment I ever made for my career!

– Julia Sullivan, Elementary Music – United States

Before Grace’s class, my biggest challenge was teaching bow hold and left hand placement. I feel more confident now that I will be able to help my students’ technique improve. Grace is very relatable, and I highly recommend this course to others!

This class has given me valuable tips on how to correct student mistakes. I liked how this course was hands-on and not just talking. I teach 6th 7th 8th grade strings as a non-string player.

– Melanie Johnston, Tempe Middle School