Custom Lesson Planner for Smart Music Teachers – FREE for a limited time!

Looking for the perfect teacher planner?  Tired of agendas that don’t meet your needs as a music teacher?  Perhaps you are someone who ends up scribbling things in different notebooks or scraps of paper, or somewhere in your agenda only to not be able to find the information later?  There are so many things to keep track of as a music teacher: planning for performances, keeping track of supplies and repairs, planning rehearsals, and more.  Regular teacher planners just aren’t adequate.

Well, here is the solution… the Smart Music Teacher Custom Lesson Planner!

The SMT Custom Lesson Planner has templates designed with the needs of music teachers in mind.  There are pages for planning repertoire and written units. There are pages for keeping track of your supplies and repair needs. And there are areas within the daily lesson plan to include notes for rehearsals and clubs.

What’s more, you can print what you want and as many pages as you need.  Put the sections in any order you like and include other things like your timetable, the school calendar, and student contact info into it before you bind it.  Then get it spiral-bound at your local print shop.  You can essentially use it to build yourself the perfect music teacher planner!

How to use the SMT Custom Lesson Planner:

  • Print off the pages you need, and as many copies of each as you need.
  • Print a copy of your timetable.
  • Print a copy of your department’s combined teacher timetable so you know where your colleagues are.
  • Print a copy of the school’s monthly calendar.
  • Print your student contact lists.
  • Print anything else you want to have in your planner.
  • Organize all the sections in the order you want.
  • Separate each section with coloured paper.
  • Take it to the local copy place to get it spiral-bound.

You are done.  You now have the perfect custom lesson planner!  And you can reuse it every year!

Have suggestions for other pages to include in the custom planner?  Feel free to contact me


Download it for free below!



SMT Custom Lesson Planner PDF



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