Need a Quick and Easy Adjustable Standing Desk?

As a blogger, a teacher, and running two websites, I spend a lot of time sitting in front of a computer.  In our society most of us do, and it has probably crossed most people’s minds at one time or another that a standing desk might be a good alternative.  Well, did you know that as a musician, you might already own the perfect standing desk?

Standing desk
Nice but, no drawers, and pretty sterile-looking.

I really love blogging and running SmartMusicTeacher and Virtuoso, but as much as I love what I am doing, the one thing I don’t like is always being stuck at my desk.  Just the other day, I was mentioning to a friend that this part of my life would be perfect if only I could be more active doing it.

Earlier in the year, I looked into standing desks.  I discovered that they are quite expensive, too big for my space, and would require getting rid of the desk I love in exchange for one that has no drawers.   I also discovered products that sit on your existing desk, but not without taking up valuable space and reducing your work area.  I tried to think of an easy and economical home made alternative but to no avail.  Then the perfect solution came to me while at school….

Desktop standing desk stand.
Desktop option. Doesn’t work on my small desk.

Yesterday a student came in for extra help.  I left him to work away at his theory worksheets and came back to find him using his music stand as a desk, which is not unusual.  What was unusual was that he was standing up.  Out of curiosity, I asked him why he was standing.  He explained that he always stands up to do his homework at home because he doesn’t like sitting all day.  Then I realized, my music stand at home is the perfect customizable standing desk!  I couldn’t wait to get home and try it.

Above is a picture of my new set-up with my Manhasset music stand.  I am loving it because:

Manhasset music stand.
Classic Manhasset stand.
  • I can fit my keyboard and mouse on my stand.
  • I still have all my desk space to work with.
  • The stand can prop up a notebook.
  • I can customize the height.  I actually have it quite low, so that my wrist stays straight when using the mouse, which prevents wrist strain.
  • The Manhassets have ridges near the top that keep my keyboard from slipping.
  • I can angle the stand to make the keyboard more comfortable and the keyboard doesn’t slide off.
  • My monitor also angles up enough so that I don’t have to raise it.
  • When I want to sit down, I just lower the stand.
  • When I want to use my music stand for music, I just put the keyboard and mouse back on the desk.
  • It is so easy to alternate between standing and sitting, which is the best way to use a standing desk.
Mighty Pose
Mighty Pose. Improves posture and alignment. Perfect! (image: Easy Yoga Workbook – Tara Fraser)

This is freeing up my legs to do stretches, jumping jacks, bends, etc., whenever I’m browsing or reading.  And instead of sitting, I could practice the Mighty Pose instead, ha, ha.  Seriously, I am finding that just the act of standing makes me feel like moving around more and taking more breaks.  In fact, I’m doing knee lifts as I’m proof-reading this….

A music stand could also make a great standing laptop desk too.  And it’s perfectly portable.  Talk about a multi-functional low-tech device!

Hmmm….  I wonder if I could fit a mini-trampoline under it?

Enjoy your active desk time!



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