Are you teaching online again?

Happy New Year!  Almost.

Just when we thought we might be out of the woods, many of us are back online again.  I know it is a real challenge for everyone, but hopefully it won’t be for too long.

I just wanted to take a little time from my lesson planning to send you a quick post of encouragement and remind you of a few helpful videos I have.  Remember, you have material too that you can reuse from last year, so it will be a little easier!  And if we’ve learned anything these past two years, it’s to take things in stride, do the best you can, and try to find opportunities within the challenges.

If you haven’t already seen them, I wanted to remind you of a few videos I made last year that might make your online teaching a little easier.


Wish you could see your students more clearly?  In this playlist are my videos on training your students to position themselves on the screen so you can clearly see them play.  These are especially useful if you are teaching classes that haven’t had you online for strings yet.

Playlist link:


This playlist has my video tips on organizing your online workspace so everything you need is easily accessible.  I know my own online workspace is already starting to get out of control again….


Playlist link:


I’ll also remind you of my video on how to easily make a virtual orchestra video, but hopefully it won’t come to that this year and we’ll be back in class soon!


Video link:


For this year’s winter concert, we had in-person classes, but we couldn’t yet have an in-person concert, so I still had to make videos of each class to share virtually.  I used a similar strategy to record the students during class and made great-looking videos, and it was so easy!

If you think you’ll be in the same situation later this year, and you want to know how I did it, let me know and I will post the steps.


Hope some of this info helps you get through this next period of online learning!  I’d better get back to lesson planning!


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